5.4. Editing Log Event Parameters

5.4.1. Specifying a Cart

The cart number to use for an event can be specified by touching the Select Cart button in the Edit Log Entry dialog, which will open up the Select Cart dialog. Alternatively, it is possible to simply enter the cart number in the Cart field if the number is already known. The Title and Artist information will be supplied automatically by the system from the cart's label.

The Select Cart Dialog

5.4.2. Specifying Meta Event Parameters

Note marker and track marker events each take only a single parameter: a Comment text that will show up on the log entry. In the case of a chain event, the name of the log to chain to must be supplied in the Log Name field, or the Select button can be touched to bring up the Select Log dialog to allow a name to picked from a list of all those available. Note that meta events are assigned transition and time types just the same as cart events.

5.4.3. Rearranging Log Events

Existing events in a log can be cut, copied, pasted or rearranged by touching the appropriate buttons in the Edit Log dialog. In addition, touch the Delete button will cause the selected log event(s) to be removed from the log.

5.4.4. Saving or Abandoning Changes to a Log

Any changes made to a log can be saved by touching either the Save or OK buttons in the Edit Log dialog. The current log can be saved under a different name by touching the Save As button, while touching Cancel will abandon any changes made since the last save.

5.4.5. Missing/Invalid Cart Events

If a given event has a problem (such as referencing a cart that does not exist in the Library, or that is not enabled for play on the log's owning service) its entry will be highlighted either RED (indicating a missing/invalid cart) or MAGENTA (indicating a cart without permission to run on the owning service). It's also possible to generate an exception report summarizing problem cart entries by touching the Check Log button.