Chapter 16. Interfacing with the Linux Ecosystem: Command-Line Utilities

Table of Contents

16.1. rdclilogedit(1)
16.2. rdconvert(1)
16.3. rddbcheck(8)
16.4. rdexport(1)
16.5. rdimport(1)
16.6. rdmarkerset(8)
16.7. rdrevert(8)
16.8. rmlsend(1)

Rivendell includes a number of command-line utilities. Some of these can be used to perform efficient "bulk" operations --e.g. import thousands of audio files in one command -- while others are useful in various aspects of system maintenance. This section provides a brief overview of the available utilities; full documentation for each is available via the Linux man page facility.

16.1. rdclilogedit(1)

rdclilogedit(1) is a command-line interface (CLI) program that can be used to edit Rivendell logs. It is loosely modeled after the venerable ed(1) command-line editor and so is particularly well suited for use in scripting environments.

Full documentation is available by doing man 1 rdclilogedit.