C.7. BroadcastTools ADMS 44.22 Analog/AES Digital Matrix Switcher

Driver Name:

BroadcastTools ADMS 44.22

Supported RML Commands:

GPI Enable ['GE']
GPI Set ['GI']
GPO Set ['GO']
Switch Add ['SA']
Switch Level ['SL']
Switch Remove ['SR']
Switch Take ['ST']

Control is done by means of a serial connection to the unit's integrated serial port. The 'OPTIONS' switches on the back of the unit should be set as follows:

1: OFF (UP)
2: OFF (UP)
3: OFF (UP)
4: OFF (UP)
5: OFF (UP)
6: OFF (UP)
7: ON (DOWN)
8: ON (DOWN)
9: OFF (UP)
10: OFF (UP)

The Rivendell serial interface should be set to use 9600 bits/sec, 8 bits, 1 stop bit and no flow control.