Appendix C. Supported GPIO/Switcher Devices

Table of Contents

C.1. 360 Systems AM-16/B Audio Crosspoint Switcher
C.2. BroadcastTools 10x1
C.3. BroadcastTools 16x1
C.4. BroadcastTools 16x2
C.5. BroadcastTools 8x2
C.6. BroadcastTools ACS8.2
C.7. BroadcastTools ADMS 44.22 Analog/AES Digital Matrix Switcher
C.8. BroadcastTools GPI-16 General Purpose Input Module
C.9. BroadcastTools Sentinel 4 Web AES Switcher
C.10. BroadcastTools SRC-16
C.11. BroadcastTools SS 12.4
C.12. BroadcastTools SS 2.1
C.13. BroadcastTools SS 16.4
C.14. BroadcastTools SS 4.1 MLR Switcher/Router
C.15. BroadcastTools SS4.2
C.16. BroadcastTools SS4.4
C.17. BroadcastTools SS8.2
C.18. BroadcastTools Universal 4.1MLR>>Web
C.19. Grass Valley 7000 Protocol
C.20. Harlond Virtual Mixer
C.21. Kernel GPIO
C.22. Livewire LWRP Audio
C.23. Livewire LWRP GPIO
C.24. Livewire Multicast GPIO
C.25. Local Audio Adapter
C.26. Local GPIO
C.26.1. 15 Pin Joystick Port
C.26.2. MeasurementComputing GPIO Cards
C.27. Logitek vGuest
C.28. Modbus TCP
C.29. Quartz Electronics Type 1 Routing Protocol
C.30. Ross NK Video Switchers (via SCP/A Serial Interface)
C.31. Serial Port Modem Control Lines
C.32. Sierra Automated Systems 16000(D) Audio Router
C.33. Sierra Automated Systems 32000 Audio Router
C.34. Sierra Automated Systems 64000 Audio Router
C.35. Sierra Automated Systems 64000 Audio Router
C.36. Sierra Automated Systems User Serial Interface (USI)
C.37. Sine Systems ACU-1 (Prophet Version)
C.38. Software Authority Protocol
C.39. Starguide III Satellite Receiver
C.40. Wegener Unity4000 DVB Satellite Receiver
C.41. Wheatnet Blade LIO
C.42. Wheatnet Blade SLIO

The following GPIO/switcher devices are supported under Rivendell:

C.1. 360 Systems AM-16/B Audio Crosspoint Switcher

Driver Name:

360 Systems AM-16/B

Supported RML Commands:

Switch Take ['ST']

Control is done by means of MIDI connections to the 'MIDI IN' and 'MIDI OUT' ports on the back of the unit, with the appropriate MIDI device specified in the Device: field in RDAdmin->ManageHosts->Switchers/GPIO. The following settings should be configured on the AM-16/B:

Control Port Type:

MIDI (jumper JMP1)

Program Send:


Receive Channel: o

o (Omni mode)

Memory Protect:


The driver uses MIDI programs '0' and '1' on the AM-16/B when processing crosspoint changes; anything previously saved in those programs will be overwritten!