C.23. Livewire LWRP GPIO

Driver Name:

Livewire LWRP GPIO

Supported RML Commands:

GPI Enable ['GE']
GPI Set ['GI']
GPO Set ['GO']

Livewire is a distributed audio router and control system, with the components (called 'nodes') configured and controled via TCP/IP. More information can be found at http://www.axiaaudio.com/.

This driver can be used to control Livewire's GPIO subsystem by means of the Livewire Routing Protocol (LWRP) with both physical as well as 'virtual' GPIO devices.

Only two items need to be specified in the configuration: the IP address of the device to control and the 'Layer, with V specifying a virtual GPIO device and D specifying an actual physical one. The driver will autodetect all other parameters (e.g. the number of input and output lines) from the device itself.