C.24. Livewire Multicast GPIO

Driver Name:

Livewire Multicast GPIO

Supported RML Commands:

GPI Enable ['GE']
GPI Set ['GI']
GPO Set ['GO']

Livewire is a distributed audio router and control system, with the components (called 'nodes') configured and controled via TCP/IP. More information can be found at http://www.axiaaudio.com/.

This driver provides the ability to access GPIO functions from Livewire- enabled control surfaces for setups that lack a virtual GPIO device --e.g. when interfacing audio directly to a Livewire node without using a native Livewire software audio driver or audio adapter.

When configuring it, the IP Address field should contain the address of the local interface to which the Livewire network is attached, while the Livewire GPIOs list should be populated with the stream number - GPIO line associations to be used.