C.22. Livewire LWRP Audio

Driver Name:

Livewire LWRP Audio

Supported RML Commands:

Switch Take ['ST']

Livewire is a distributed audio router and control system, with the components (called 'nodes') configured and controled via TCP/IP. More information can be found at http://www.axiaaudio.com/.

This driver can be used to create and remove connections between audio sources and destinations via Livewire Routing Protocol (LWRP).

Configuration is a matter of entering the IP address, password and base output number for each node in RDAdmin->ManageHosts->Switcher/GPIO->LivewireNodes. The driver will autodetect all other parameters from the nodes themselves. The resulting constellation of nodes can be controled with the 'Switch Take' ['ST'] RML by specifying the Livewire source stream number as the input parameter and the base output number+the slot number-1 for the output parameter.