C.27. Logitek vGuest

Driver Name:

Logitek vGuest

Supported RML Commands:

GPI Enable ['GE']
GPI Set ['GI']
GPO Set ['GO']
Set Display ['SD']
Switch Take ['ST']

Before using the driver, the resources within the Logitek Audio Engine system that you wish to control must be made available in a 'vGuest' account within the Logitek 'Supervisor' system. Then, those same resources must be mapped within the Rivendell driver. For the 'ST' RML, the Logitek Engine Numbers and Device Numbers are mapped to logical Rivendell Inputs and Outputs within the Configure Inputs and Configure Outputs dialogs. For the GPO RMLs, various Logitek 'switches' (by which we mean anything that can be turned on and off, such as faders feeds, not just GPIO) are mapped to logical Rivendell GPIO lines by means of their Logitek Engine, Device and Buss numbers.