7.3. Operation in Cart Deck Mode

When set to be in Cart Deck mode, an empty slot can be loaded by touching the Load button, bringing up the Select Cart dialog.

The Select Cart Dialog

To load a cart, touch the desired cart on the list (using the filter tools as necessary) and then touch the OK button. To load a file directly, touch the Load From File button and select the desired audio file. Touching Cancel will abandon the load operation.

After loading a cart or file, the Load button will change to say Unload. Touching this button will now cause the slot to be unloaded.

To start play-out of a loaded slot, touch its numbered button at the left-hand end. The button will turn RED and the play-out will start. Touching the button while the play-out is active will stop the play-out and cause the loaded cart to be re-cued to its start.