Chapter 7. Playing Audio with RDCartSlots

Table of Contents

7.1. Overview
7.2. Setting the Slot Options
7.2.1. Cart Deck Slot Options
7.3. Operation in Cart Deck Mode
7.4. Operation in Breakaway Mode

7.1. Overview

RDCartSlots is a Rivendell module designed for use in fast-paced live or "live-assist" environments, with facilities for quickly locating carts and getting them on the air.

The RDCartSlots Main Window

RDCartSlots can be configured to display one or more slots, each of which can be thought of as an independent audio player. In its default Cart Deck mode, a slot behaves much like a traditional analog "cart deck"; with the ability for the user to load and play carts from the Rivendell library. Breakaway mode allows the slot to be used for automated play-out and replacement of upstream content by means of the "Execute Breakaway" [DX] RML.