12.8. Managing Replicators

A replicator is a Rivendell service that provides the ability to move content automatically to different system on the basis of predefined rules. At present, Rivendell includes one such replicator, which can move audio material to an X-Digital satelite head-end system.

To manage replicators, touch the Manage Replicators button to bring up the Rivendell Replicators dialog.

The Rivendell Replicators Dialog

To add a new replicator, touch the Add button to bring up the Replicator dialog.

The Replicator Dialog

The Name: is a read-only field giving the name of the replicator.

The Description is a free-form text string providing a description of the replicator.

The Type: dropdown should set to the type of replicator. At present, only one type is supported, Citidel X-Digital Portal.

The Host System: dropdown should be set to the name of the Rivendell Host upon which the rdrepld(8) daemon is run.

The Audio Upload URL: should be set to the URL of the upload location for audio to be sent to the remote system. It may also be necessary to set the Username: and Password: fields if that remote system requires it.

The Upload Format: should be set to provide the file and encoding format of the replicator uploads as required by the remote system. This can be done by touching the Set button. If the Normalize box is ticked, then audio will be peak-normalized to the level set by the Level: control before being uploaded.

The Active Groups list should be populated with the names of the Rivendell Groups from which audio to be replicated should be taken.