Chapter 12. Configuring Rivendell with RDAdmin

Table of Contents

12.1. Overview
12.2. Managing Users
12.3. Managing Groups
12.3.1. Editing Group Information
12.3.2. Renaming Groups
12.3.3. Group Report
12.4. Managing Services
12.4.1. The General Section
12.4.2. Traffic/Music Data Importation Settings
12.4.3. Traffic/Music Import Parser Settings
12.4.4. Testing Data Importation
12.5. Managing Hosts
12.5.1. Configuring RDLibrary
12.5.2. Configuring RDCatch
12.5.3. Configuring RDAirPlay
12.5.4. Configuring RDPanel
12.5.5. Configuring RDLogEdit
12.5.6. Configuring RDCartSlots
12.5.7. Configuring Dropboxes
12.5.8. Configuring Switcher/GPIO Devices
12.5.9. Configuring Host Variables
12.5.10. Configuring Audio Ports
12.5.11. Configuring Serial Ports
12.5.12. Viewing Audio Resources
12.5.13. JACK Integration
12.5.14. Managing PyPAD Instances
12.6. Managing System Settings
12.7. Managing Scheduler Codes
12.8. Managing Replicators
12.9. Configuring Webget
12.9.1. Disallowing Duplicate Cart Titles
12.9.2. Configuring Encoder Formats
12.9.3. Configuring Webget Users

12.1. Overview

RDAdmin is the Rivendell module designed for the comprehensive configuration of the Rivendell system.

The RDAdmin Main Window

When starting up RDAdmin, you will be prompted to login in. For a freshly created Rivendell database, the default login parameters are a User Name: of admin with no Password:.

The Login Dialog