12.6. Managing System Settings

To manage system-wide settings --i.e. those settings that apply to all Rivendell hosts -- in RDAdmin, touch the System Settings button to open the System-Wide Settings dialog.

The System-Wide Settings Dialog

The System Sample Rate: dropdown sets the global sample rate to be used for Rivendell's audio store. This control should be set before ingesting any audio into a new Rivendell system and not altered thereafter.


Changing this setting on a system with existing audio in the audio store may result in incorrect play-out of that audio!

The Allow Duplicate Cart Titles box, if not ticked, will force all carts to have a unique title. If unticked, then ticking the Auto-Correct Duplicate Cart Titles box will cause duplicate cart titles to be automatically made unique when imported. The unique name is constructed by appending "[n]", (where n is an integer) to the end of the title string.


The ability to disallow duplicate cart titles in Rivendell has been deprecated and may be removed from future versions; it is included strictly to keep existing setups working. Use of it can cause other features within Rivendell to operate unreliably. It should never be used in new Rivendell setups!

If the Show User List in RDLogin box is ticked, rdlogin(1) will require users to enter their user name as well as their password when logging in (instead of providing all possible user names in a dropdown).

The ISCI Cross Reference Path: field takes the full path to the ISCI cross reference file used by the rdrepld(8) daemon (used only in conjunction with X-Digital copysplit replication).

The Origin E-Mail Address: field take the value that Rivendell will use as the "From:" address when sending e-mail.


Rivendell uses the system's sendmail(1) interface when originating e-mail. For many modern e-mail setups, additional site- and distro-specific configuration will likely be necessary beyond what can be covered here.

The Multicast Address for Notifications: field takes the IPv4 multicast address to use for communicating state and configuration changes between Rivendell hosts and modules. It should seldom be necessary to change this value from the default (

The Maximum Remote Post Length: field sets the maximum length POST submission that will be processed by the RDXport service. It should seldom be necessary to change this value.

The Temporary Cart Group: dropdown sets the Rivendell group to be used for storing temporary carts --e.g. carts used for processing direct file play-outs in rdcartslots(1).

The Process RSS Updates On: dropdown sets the Rivendell host to be used for processing automatic state changes for RSS feeds. If no RSS feeds are configured, this value can be set to [none].

Touching the Edit Encoder List button will bring up the Encoder Profiles dialog. See Section 12.9.2, “Configuring Encoder Formats” for more information.