12.2. Managing Users

To manage users in RDAdmin, touch the Manage Users to open the Rivendell User List dialog.

The Rivendell User List Dialog

Two different types of user exist within Rivendell: administrator users (those which have the Administer System right set), who are allowed to log into RDAdmin, and operational users, who are configured to have rights to operate specific portions of the Rivendell system but do not have access to RDAdmin. It is not possible for a single user to act in both roles.

A newly created Rivendell database will have one user of each type populated automatically, called "admin" and "user" respectively. To see the attributes of an existing user, select its entry on the Users list and touch the Edit button to open the User Dialog.

The Rivendell User Dialog

The upper third of the dialog provides fields for basic information regarding the user as well as authentication settings. If the Authenticate This User Locally box is ticked, then the login password for this user can be set by touching the Change Password button. If unticked, then authentication is delegated to the Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) specified in the PAM Service: field.

The WebAPI Timeout: field sets the timeout (in seconds) when connecting to Rivendell's WebAPI component, while the Allow Web Logins box, if ticked, permits this user to use the web component of RDCastManager.

The middle section of the dialog is where individual user rights are assigned for this user. The Administer System box, if ticked, will make this user an administrative user while disallowing the selection of any other rights. The other listed rights should be self-explanatory.

The bottom of the dialog contains three large buttons. The Assign Group Permissions button allows assignment of the specific groups which this user will be allowed to access in RDLibrary, the Service Permissions allows assignment of the services which this user will be allowed to access in RDLogEdit and the Assign Podcast Feed Permissions allows the assignment of the podcast feeds which this user will be allowed to manage in RDCastManager.

Touch the OK button to commit any changes made, or Cancel to abandon them.