12.3. Managing Groups

To manage groups in RDAdmin, touch the Manage Groups button to open the Rivendell Group List dialog.

The Rivendell Group List Dialog

12.3.1. Editing Group Information

To examine and modify an existing group, touch its entry in the Groups list and then touch the Edit button to open the Group Dialog.

The Rivendell Group Dialog

The Default Import Title is the title string that will be assigned to carts created by dropboxes or rdimport(1) when no file-specific title metadata is found. This field recognizes the following wildcards:

Table 12.1. Default Import Title Wildcards

%fBody part of the filename
%eExtension part of the filename

The Notification E-Mail Addresses is the e-mail address(es) to use when generating import reports with dropboxes or with the rdimport(1) command-line tool. Multiple e-mail address can be used by seperating each address with a comma.

The Default Cart Type: controls which type of cart (Audio or Macro RDLibrary will default to when creating a new cart in this group.

The Default Cart Number: fields define a range of cart numbers to use by default for this group --i.e. by RDLibrary or rdimport(1). If the Enforce Cart Range box is ticked, Rivendell will not permit carts to be created in or moved to this group whose cart number does not fall within this range.

If the Include this group in Traffic reports or Include this group in Music reports box is ticked, play-outs of carts belonging to this group in a log will be included in traffic or music reports, respectively.

If this Set End Date/Time box is ticked, then new cuts that belong to this group will have their end date/time automatically set to the specified number of days after the date of creation.

If the Purge expired cuts box is ticked, then cuts in the group will be purged --i.e. deleted -- the specified number of days after they expire. If Delete cart if empty is also ticked, then the cart containing the deleted cut will also be deleted if it contains no other cuts.

If the Transmit Now ' Next box is ticked, then carts in this group will generate a PyPAD event when played in a log.


Use of Transmit Now ' Next to filter PyPAD events has been deprecated, and will be removed in Rivendell v4.x. Per-group filtering of PyPAD updates can be done on a much more granular basis through use of entries in the [NowGroups] and [NextGroups] sections of the respective PyPAD script's configuration file.

Carts in this group will be allowed to play only on those services that are shown in the Active Services list.

To set a color for the group (used when the group name is displayed elsewhere in Rivendell, touch the Color button.

Touch the OK button to commit any changes made, or Cancel to abandon them.

12.3.2. Renaming Groups

A group can be renamed by touching the Rename button. If the New Group Name: given already exists, then the carts in this group will be moved into that group.

The Rename Group Dialog

12.3.3. Group Report

A printable report listing the defined groups and their attributes can be generated by touching the Generate Report button.