10.2. Editing an Item's Metadata

To view (and possibly modify) an item's metadata, select the item on the list and then touch the Edit button to open the Editing Item dialog.

The Editing Item Dialog

The following controls are available:

Item Active

When ticked, this makes the item visible to the audience (but see Air Date/Time below).

Unticking this is a good way to put an item "on hold" without permanently deleting it from the feed.

Posted By

This is a "read-only" field that provides details on the provenance of the item.


The title of the item.

Author E-Mail

The e-mail address (and optionally, full name) of the author/originator of the item.


Text describing the content of the item.

The accompanying Item contains explicit content checkbox should be ticked if the item contains content that may not be suitable for under-age listeners.


The icon that will associated with this item when viewed by the audience.

Air Date/Time

The date/time that the item was/will be published. If this is set to a value in the future, the item will be embargoed --i.e. hidden from the audience-- until this date/time.


If this dropdown is set to Yes, then the item will be automatically deleted from the feed at the specified date/time. If set to No, the item will never be deleted automatically.


Deleting an item cannot be undone!

To save any changes made to the item's metadata and close the dialog touch the OK. To close the dialog while abandoning any pending changes, touch Cancel.