Chapter 10. Managing Podcasts with RDCastManager

Table of Contents

10.1. Overview
10.2. Editing an Item's Metadata
10.3. Deleting an Item
10.4. Posting: Creating a New Item
10.4.1. Posting from a Rivendell Cart/Cut
10.4.2. Posting from a Rivendell Log
10.4.3. Posting an Audio File

10.1. Overview

RDCastManager is a Rivendell module designed for posting items and managing item metadata for audio podcasts managed by Rivendell.

The RDCastManager Main Window

When started, RDCastManager will display the list of available podcast feeds for the currently logged in user. Each line begins with an icon, showing the assigned channel image for the repective feed.

To see the list of items posted to a particular feed, select the desired feed on the list and then touch the View Feed button to open the Podcast Item List dialog.

The Podcast Item List Dialog

Each posted item has a status, indicated by the color of the icon in the Status column.

Table 10.1. RDCastManager Item States

Status Meaning
Item is active and visible to the audience.
Item is inactive and not visible to the audience.
Item is active, but currently embargoed and not visible to the audience.