8.3. Clocks

An RDLogManager clock is a collection of RDLogManager events, arranged in terms of their start time (relative to the beginning of the hour) and length. It basically can be thought of as the "schedule" of an hour – any hour. Once defined, a clock can be plugged into any hour of a grid of any service, thus making for easy modularization and changes to a service's schedule.

To see the list of available clocks, touch the Edit Clocks button in RDLogManager's Main Menu to open the Log Clocks dialog. Each RDLogManager clock can be assigned a three-letter code and color, as an aid in identifying it when assigned to grids. To add a new clock, touch the Add button, or to edit a clock's parameters, click on it and touch the Edit button. In each case, the Edit Clock dialog will open. Clocks can also be deleted by touching the Delete button or renamed by touching the Rename button.

The Log Clock List Dialog

The Edit Clock Dialog

The Edit Clock dialog consists of three main sections: a tabular list of events in chronological order, a graphical depiction of the clock in the traditional “broadcast clock” format, and a series of action buttons across the bottom. The clock's three-letter code is set by means of the Code field in the upper right-hand corner of the table area. Its color can be set by touching the Color button. To save the clock without exiting the dialog, touch the Save or Save As buttons. To add a new event to the clock, touch the Add button, or to edit an existing entry touch the Edit button. In either case, the Edit Event Assignment dialog will open. To delete an entry, touch the Delete button. As in the case of grids, it is possible to 'drill down' into the underlying RDLogManager event by right-clicking on the respective entry in the clock event table and selecting Edit Event.

The Edit Event Assignment Dialog

The Edit Event Assignment dialog simply consists of an Event field for the name of the RDLogManager event and Start Time and End Time fields for the start and end times relative to the start of the hour. A list of available events can be brought up by touching the Select button to bring up the Log Events dialog.

Each clock can be designated as being associated with one or more services. This can make finding the correct clock for a given service much faster, as the Filter control on the List Clocks dialog can then be used. To program these associations, touch the Services List button in the Edit Clock dialog to bring up the Service Associations dialog.

The Service Association Dialog

To designate a service as being valid for this clock, select the services name in the Available Services list and then touch the Add >> button. Likewise, to deselect a service, select its name in the Enabled Services list and then touch the << Remove button.