8.2. Grids

Each Rivendell service has an RDLogManager grid. To see the list of available grids, touch the Edit Grids button to open the Log Grids dialog.

The Log Grids Dialog

To open a particular grid, select its service name and touch the Edit button.

The Edit Grid Dialog

Each grid has slots for every hour of every day of the broadcast week – 168 slots in all. By specifying a particular clock to go into each of these slots, a set of rules that RDLogManager can use to generate a log for any given day of the week is built up. To specify a clock, simply touch the particular hour of interest to open up the Select Log Clock dialog.

The Log Clocks Dialog

Click the desired clock, then touch the OK button. To clear the assignment of any clock to the selected hour, touch the Clear button, then OK.

It is possible to 'drill down' directly to the underlying configuration of a clock (to be covered shortly) by right-clicking on the relevant hour in a grid and selecting Edit Clock.