8.6. Generating Reports

A Rivendell report is a data output that details whether certain events aired as scheduled, and under what circumstances. Reports are available in various formats. Some are intended to be directly read by humans, while others are intended for use by other, external software systems as a means of reconciling exported schedules.

Rivendell has the ability to filter the data that go into any particular report on the basis of the type of material played (traffic spots, music or all), the playing service(s) and the originating host(s). The configuration of reports is done in the RDAdmin module and is covered in the Rivendell Technical and Administration Guide. Once configured however, reports are actually generated by the RDLogManager module.

To generate a report, touch the Manage Reports button on the RDLogManager Main Menu to open the Select Service dialog.

The Rivendell Services Dialog

The dialog will show each service on the system, along with the date of the oldest data available for generating reports. Touch the Generate Reports button to open the Select Report Dates dialog.

The Select Report Dates Dialog

The desired report can be selected with the Report control, and the start and end dates of the report specified with the Start Date and End Date controls, respectively (NOTE: not all reports are capable of being generated so as to span more than one day).

The Select Date Dialog

Once the parameters are set, touch the Generate Report button to write out the report.

8.6.1. Purging Old Report Data

Rivendell keeps the raw data used to generate reports indefinitely, until manually purged out of the system. Periodic purging of old data is a good idea from the standpoint of minimizing the amount of system resources utilized, and can be done by selecting the desired service and then touching the Purge Data button in the Select Service dialog, opening up a calendar dialog. Each date that has data eligible for purging will be shown in bold. To purge a particular day, select it and the touch the Purge Data button. (NOTE: once purged, no reports can be generated for that particular service/date, so be sure that all required reports have been produced before purging!)