Chapter 6. Running Logs with RDAirPlay

Table of Contents

6.1. Overview
6.2. Log Machines
6.3. Layout
6.3.1. The Wall Clock
6.3.2. The Post Point Counter
6.3.3. The Audio Meter
6.3.4. The Pie Wedge Widget
6.3.5. The Next Stop Counter
6.3.6. The Mode Indicator
6.3.7. The Label Area
6.3.8. The Right-Hand Side
6.3.9. The Full Log Widget
6.3.10. The Button Log Widget
6.4. Editing a Log
6.4.1. Drag and Drop
6.4.2. The Editing Buttons
6.4.3. The SoundPanel
6.4.4. Panel Types
6.4.5. Programming a SoundPanel Button

6.1. Overview

RDAirPlay is the Rivendell module used to run logs generated by the RDLogEdit or RDLogManager (for an overview of Rivendell logs, see Chapter 5, Generating and Maintaining Logs with RDLogEdit). It contains a wide array of features for enabling playout of audio content in live assist as well as fully automated environments.

The RDAirPlay Main Window