Chapter 11. Webget

Table of Contents

11.1. Webget
11.1.1. Downloading Audio
11.1.2. Uploading Audio

11.1. Webget

Webget is a web-based utility for up- and down-loading Rivendell audio content to and from remote locations. It can be accessed at http://host-name/rd-bin/webget.cgi, where host-name is the host name or IP address of the Rivendell system.


Depending on the site-specific configuration of Rivendell, Webget may need to be accessed at https://host-name/rd-bin/webget.cgi.

After entering a set of valid credentials, the user will be taken to the main Webget screen:

The Webget screen


To configure Webget, see the Configuring Webget section in Configuring Rivendell with RDAdmin.

11.1.1. Downloading Audio

Content can be downloaded using Webget by entering the Title of the desired Cart in the From Cart Title field, with the format of the downloaded audio selected by means of the Using Format dropdown. Touch the OK button to initiate the download.


If multiple carts with the specified title exist, then the cart with the lowest Cart Number will be used.


If the selected cart contains multiple cuts, then the cut with the lowest Cut Number will be used.

11.1.2. Uploading Audio

Content can be uploaded using Webget by selecting the desired audio file with the From File browser button, selecting the destination Rivendell Group from the To Group dropdown and then touching the OK button.

After the upload is complete, Webget will display a dialog with the Cart Number and Title containing the uploaded audio.