3.3. Macro Carts

A macro cart is a cart that contains one or more commands written in Rivendell Macro Language (or 'RML' for short). The Edit Cart dialog for a macro cart is similar in many ways to that for an audio cart with the exception of the lower half, which contains a list of RML commands to be executed rather than a list of cuts. (NOTE: for a complete description of Rivendell Macro Language, including a breakdown of available commands, see Chapter 14, Rivendell Macro Langauge).

To add a new line of RML, select the desired location in the list and touch the Add button. Similarly, a line can be deleted by selecting it and then touching the Delete button, or modified by touching the Edit button. The RML can be tested, eight line-by-line or as a whole by touching the Run Line or Run Cart button respectively. It is also possible to Copy and Paste individual lines both within a given cart or between carts.

In addition to RML code, lines can also contain host variables (see Section 12.5.9, “Configuring Host Variables”) and filepath wildcards (see Appendix D, Filepath Wildcards).

The Edit Macro Cart Dialog