3.4. Navigating the Audio Library

The uppermost section of RDLibrary's main window contains tools designed to allow for fast searching of the entire audio library, making locating a particular piece of audio easy even in a library containing thousands of carts. It's possible to control what carts are listed, as well as how they are sorted.

3.4.1. Changing the Cart Sort Order

The order in which carts are displayed in the cart list can be changed by simply clicking on the header of the column by which you want them sorted by. By default, the carts are sorted by Cart Number. To instead sort them alphabetically by Title, simply click the TITLE header once. To sort them by Title in reverse –i.e. from 'Z' to 'A' – click the TITLE header once again. Clicking the TITLE header a third time restores the sort to normal 'A' to 'Z' again. And so on for all of the columns in the cart list – it's possible to sort the Library by ARTIST, LENGTH, or any other parameter shown in the cart list.

3.4.2. Selecting Carts by the Filter Field

Very often, one will want to find a cart or set of carts whose label(s) contains a particular word or phrase. It's possible to narrow the list of displayed carts to this set by simply entering the desired word or phrase into the Filter field at the top of the main RDLibrary screen. The full list can be restored by clearing the Filter field or by clicking the Clear button.

3.4.3. Selecting Carts by Group

It's possible to limit the list of carts to only those in a particular group by setting the Group drop-down menu to the desired group name.

3.4.4. Selecting Carts by Type

You can tell RDLibrary what type of carts to list by checking the Show Audio Carts and Show Macro Carts boxes. Clearing both boxes obviously results in no carts at all being displayed.

It's also possible to combine all four of the above search and sorting methods.

3.4.5. Selecting and Opening Carts

Once the desired cart has been located on the cart list, load it into the Edit Cart Dialog by either double clicking its list entry, or by touching its list entry and then touching the Edit button.

3.4.6. Viewing and Selecting Cuts

If a cart contains more than one cut, you can view all the cuts contained by the cart by clicking the + icon. The cuts can be hidden by clicking the - icon.

3.4.7. Playing Carts and Cuts

A selected cart or cut can be played by either pressing the play button (the one with the triangular symbol) or by pressing the space bar. If a cart or cut is currently playing, selecting another cart or cut with the mouse or arrow keys will automatically play the newly selected item. To stop a playing cart or cut, press the stop button (square symbol) or press the space bar again.

3.4.8. Running Macros

A selected macro can be run by pressing the Run Macro button.